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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the strategic adoption of AI tools in HR is revolutionizing employee decision-making. However, it is imperative to incorporate ethical considerations into our strategies to ensure fair and unbiased outcomes. AI tools have been known to mirror the common biases in society

Responsible AI in HR: Ensuring Fair and Unbiased Decision-Making


Now that we are a month into the new year, it’s essential for HR and talent leaders to assess the positioning of the 2024 HR trends in addressing the top concerns of CEOs, the geopolitical environment, and prevailing economic conditions.

Navigating 2024 HR Trends: Must-have Talent Strategies and Practices

In this webinar, Dr. Shreya Sarkar-Barney covered key considerations when preparing for a return to the workspace.  View the recording to learn the key challenges organizations are looking to address and examples of workforce plans.​

How is Your Organization Preparing for Return to the Workplace

The ongoing pandemic has increased stress levels significantly. There are at least five sources of stress (including job uncertainty and loneliness) and hence, mitigating pandemic-related stress requires a deeper understanding of these sources. 

Sustaining Happiness during Covid: A Practical Guide


Organizational leaders are rethinking the ‘where’ of work in a post-pandemic world. Most are looking forward to a new attitude toward work-from-home. 

The Business Case for Remote Work After the Pandemic


Effective teamwork has never been more important than it is today, with organizations facing volatile economic conditions and significant business threats. 

Don't let Teamwork Get in the Way of Agility


The unprecedented nature of the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus is demanding new ways of solving organizational problems. 

Talent Management in Times of Crisis


In our March webinar on D&I, we discussed the barriers to inclusion and the business case for organizations to invest in diversity, inclusion, and belonging.  

Deep Dive on Talent Practices that Advance Inclusion


​According to the 2019 Diversity and Inclusion survey conducted by Glassdoor, 50% of employees across four major economies believe their company should be doing more to increase diversity and inclusion.  

Talent Practices that Move the Needle on Diversity and Inclusion


Employees are being asked to constantly adapt and perform, while the ground under them is continually shifting. The ability to move through daily challenges—both small and large— is critical to thriving and flourishing in a turbulent world.

Resilience, the Key to an Engaged Workforce


​A study by McKinsey & Company in late 2017 found that 66 percent of top executives said retraining and upskilling their employees were urgent business priorities. According to the 2019 Deloitte Human Capital Trends

Build an Internal Gig Economy to Energize and Retain Talent


Much has been written recently about the problems organizations are facing with their performance management (PM) processes. Many solutions have been proposed over the years. 

Pay and Performance Management: Are they two sides of the
same dysfunctional coin?


In this interactive webinar, our guest is Andrew Wilhelms who until recently was the head of leadership development at Tesla and formerly the VP of talent management at McKesson. 

Digital Leadership : Lessons from Leading Firms


For too long, we have talked about ‘women’s empowerment’ and ‘taking charge’ and ‘leaning in’ – placing the onus of change primarily on women. Such a simplistic view contradicts the evidence which points to a problem that is multi-faceted and multi-level.

Pipelines, Ceilings and Mazes – “Architecting” a More Gender Diverse Workforce

​According to HCG’s 2018 Talent Development benchmark study, 100% of the participating organizations reported using coaching for leadership development. 

What works in executive coaching? An evidence-based analysis


​Fifty leading organizations participated in the 2018 HCG Talent Development Benchmark study. In our May webinar we presented the highlights of the results and findings on learning and development practices. 

2018 HCG Talent Development Benchmark Survey Results II- Deep Dive


Lack of key skills is among the top three threats facing organizations today.  Yet, world over companies spend over $180 billion to address this issue.  Absence of information about what works in skill development is leading to a poor ability to manage risks and returns.

2018 HCG Talent Development Benchmark Survey Results


Skill certifications have become a popular tool to create accountability in the learning process and evaluate skill gains. Designing an effective assessment strategy is key to successfully driving accountability but doing so is technically demanding.

How to Design Skill Certifications like a Pro


Organizations are being disrupted by digital business models.  According to an MIT study, 70% of leaders lack the skills to transform their organization to be digitally enabled. This deficiency puts firms at a significant disadvantage. 

Growing Leaders who Thrive in the Digital Age


​For those looking to revamp their performance management process, the big decision may appear to be “should we” or “should we not” continue with performance ratings. Yet this may only be a minuscule element of all that you will need to consider. 

Better Performance, Less Management: The Gap Inc. Story


​This webinar is designed for those involved in the digitization of their learning function. Whether you are transitioning from instructor-led training (ILT) to digital learning or looking to further advance your digital learning capabilities, you will find actionable advice in this webinar.

Going Digital with Learning and Development


Most organizations have persistent challenges in areas related to sourcing talent, leadership, engagement, and diversity to name a few. Existing solutions don’t appear to be delivering the desired results.  

Five Science-based Answers to the Most Pressing HR Problems of 2017


​In this webinar we will uncover the scientific evidence on employee engagement to address if there are other alternatives with greater promise. Participants will benefit from the critical analysis to assess if their current approach is worth pursuing or require modification.

Employee Engagement Surveys: Driver or a Waste of Time?


Two of the most important aspects of a selection system are its ability to: (1) streamline the hiring process and (2) identify applicants who are trainable and most likely to perform well on the job.

Employee Selection Practices for Low Literacy Candidates


There is growing excitement about people analytics; however, those who have been at it for a while are concerned that analytics efforts are failing to deliver the promised returns.  

New Approaches to People Analytics: Helping HR Lead with Intelligence


HCG is pleased to invite you to a complimentary webinar that will review the latest advancements on making leader development more accountable, scalable and embedded into leaders’ jobs.

Amplifying Leader Development with New Science and Technology


Employees and managers dislike the performance management process. A plethora of advice has become available for organizations looking to redesign their approach. However, missing are the guiding principles, producing enduring results. 

Take Your Performance Management from Hate to Love


Starting with uncovering wicked problems, to rapid solution design, and implementation, design thinking offers methodologies that can help HR drive business impact with every interaction. 

Boost Your HR Practices with Design Thinking


According to a recent Economist survey, 56% of global CEOs believe their firm lacks the right talent.  Training budgets in the US grew from 12% in 2013 to 15% in 2014, but few organizations appear to secure a return on investment. 

Designing a Learning Strategy to Deliver Competitive Advantage

The people needs of the business have changed. According to a recent Deloitte survey, the HR functions at best, earned a ‘C’ when it comes to delivering business impact. 

Skills for the Brave New World of HR


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