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Minimize hiring risks with accurate insights on candidates.

Leadership Assessments

​In the knowledge economy, 85% of your company’s market value is driven by intangible assets.  If you wouldn’t make a financial investment without the proper due diligence, then why would you take a risk on your most important asset; your human capital. We help organizations gain comprehensive and reliable insights on a candidate.  We do this not by looking through a crystal ball but by leveraging over 150 years of science that allow us to reliably predict future performance. Our clients tell us that when they have gone against our assessment-based recommendations, the long-term outcomes have usually not been in their favor.  Assessments are useful not just for making hiring decisions.  They also provide unique insights on development needs of new hires, as well as, estimates of ramp-up time. These insights help set expectations and create a supportive entry process for a new hire.

How We Can Help
  • Defining a new leader position
  • Assessment of job and organization fit for leadership candidates
  • Using assessments to identify high potential candidates
  • Assessing for global leadership roles
  • Assessing for a leadership positions in emerging Markets
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Assessment Process
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