Understanding the Impact of Motivation to Learn Managerial Support and Cultural Values

Author: Shreya Sarkar -Barney

About the Book

In a global economy developing talent is of paramount importance for sustained growth. Yet we know little about the influence of culture on training effectiveness. Using data from 5327 working employees representing 49 countries, this study examined the influence of national culture on transfer of training. Multilevel analysis was used to account for differences due to individual level and culture level factors. Results suggest that at the individual level, motivation to learn and job involvement positively predicted transfer of training. At the culture level training content and managerial support were significant predictors of transfer behavior. Surprisingly, the influence of managerial support on training outcomes was negative. Coworker support and advancement opportunity did not influence transfer of training at the culture level. Cultural values functioned as a critical factor in determining transfer of training cross culturally. The transfer of training model tested was most predictive when cultural values were aligned with the western assumptions under which the model was developed. Implications of these findings for research and practice are discussed