We at Human Capital Growth work tirelessly to earn compliments like these from all our customers.

HCG was our key partner in setting up a capability roadmap and providing an elegant approach to building depth and rigor in my team. Mid-level and senior-level employees participated in the employee development certification.  Using evidence-based practices they were able to innovate and drive positive outcomes in the programs they were leading.

Hariraj Vijaykumar

Former Chief Learning Officer, Cognizant

HCG’s certification courses are a great way to train your HR staff, worldwide. Their evidence-based programs really help move people from a transactional to a change-oriented skill set.

Dr. Bob Lee

Former CEO, Center for Creative Leadership

First off, I want you to know how thoroughly I enjoyed this course. Of course, having it available online was a huge plus for my busy schedule. But more specifically, I thought the scope of the information was very comprehensive and touched on a variety of topics that I personally found helpful in my everyday work. I would, without a doubt, recommend this course to other students. In fact, the reason I decided to take this class was based on the recommendation of a student I know who took it last year!
Graduate Student

Univ. of Hartford

​I have worked with Shreya for several years. She’s a great coach and a great listener. She instinctively understands what her clients want and has perfected the art of helping you arrive at the solution you need, quickly. Her organizational skill,  her process and, above all, her thinking reflect that. She comes up to speed fast, thinks strategically. And if that weren’t enough, she’s a really nice person.

Associate Director


I have taken many certification programs, some of them via online mode. When I first embarked on the CTMS/CTMP program, I was amazed with the amount of information that was available in the program. The content was thoughtfully designed, and the context was practical in nature.  Everything was geared towards student learning. This is one of the best, if not the best program I have ever gone into.
Strategic & Quality Development Director


​I would definitely recommend this course to other students because I feel it is very valuable to learn about working in a global economy in these times where we are so easily connected with the rest of the world.
Evi N.

Bank of America

We have tried many interventions in the past with limited short-term results. Your process and framework helped us create a long-term tangible talent management plan.

Aparna Chauvhan-Lahiri

Managing Director Asia, Human Factors International

I have an MBA in HR but this was more practical and usable.
Learning Delivery Manager


​This course has helped me engage my clients better. I now see additional opportunities to help them improve performance.
Performance Improvement Consultant