About US

We help organizations achieve better outcomes through talent using science, analytics, and empathy.

Who We Are

Human Capital Growth is an evidence-based talent management firm. Through the use of scientific evidence, we minimize our client’s frustration of poor returns from their people investments. Our work involves isolating efficacy levels of talent and human capital practices from scientific studies such as meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Using this intelligence, we help our clients develop targeted solutions to organizational challenges.

We are a strategic HR and evidence-based talent management firm. Our focus is on helping organizations optimize their people practices.

Our Mission

Work does not have to be drudgery. Organizations do not have to be institutions of confinement. Our mission is to help employees and organizations thrive together, through meaningful work, challenge, and inspiration. We believe that everybody should have a chance at being extraordinary. To achieve this goal, it is essential to democratize knowledge and access to what works in helping people achieve greatness. Through our commitment to talent management, science, and evidence-based methods, we hope to create a fair and fulling world of work.

Our Values

Our values are the compass we use to guide our work

  • Do right by the client even if it requires hardship
  • Leverage evidence to achieve excellence
  • Promote objectivity and fairness

Our approach is based on our deep emphasis in creating fair and equitable workplaces where organizations and employees can thrive together.

Outcome focused

Our experience across multiple industries and geographies, helps us focus on the most important constraints obstructing goal achievement.  We begin with the end in mind.

Partnership with clients

In our view, every client’s needs are unique and special.  We learn about your goals and work in collaboration, to design solutions that are aligned with your organizational strategy. We begin by identifying the root causes before arriving at a solution.


The solutions we design are grounded in the science of workplace psychology and organizational behavior.  This helps us focus our client’s attention on result producing actions.  We combine the evidence with our industry experience to drive relevance and returns.  Our solutions go through extensive validation before they are introduced in the marketplace.

Execution focused

To ensure benefits are fully harvested, we prefer to design and deliver solutions in collaboration with the client. We use our project management expertise to mitigate project risks.

We love to partner on new projects!
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Do it yourself

We enable your teams with
Step by step guides
Job aids, tools, resources
Discussion boards for advice

We build, you deploy

We diagnose and design the solutions
Your team manages stakeholders & deployment

We work closely with your team

We work as an extension of your team, combining our expertise in evidence-based talent management with your deep organizational knowledge.