We offer a full portfolio of services to help you strategize, design, and manage your talent management systems.  Our services are built on the foundation of our science-based talent management blueprints, leveraging 150 years of research in the organizational sciences.


Are your talent management strategy and business strategy aligned?


Lead with intelligence

Its no secret that talent is the engine for growth in the post industrial era, yet organizations struggle to optimize their talent. ​ Using design thinking methodology we help match efficacious solutions to your organization’s unique needs. Benefit from our proprietary rapid strategy development approach to enable your people and business.


Pinpointing opportunities

A good start to talent strategy execution is to identify initiatives that are aligned with the new direction of the business and those that need to be discontinued. The HCG talent systems audit process rapidly evaluates your organization’s practices for efficacy in delivering valued outcomes. Our team of experts can recommend solutions that lead to better outcomes.

Are you talent management systems optimized to deliver critical outcomes such as innovation, productivity, and customer excellence?
Do you need to uncover hidden intelligence from your HR data to drive business outcomes?


Fine tuning intelligence

All of HR is data about people, but data alone is insufficient for decision making. We help organizations develop a data and measurement strategy. Our analytics teams partners with you to derive actionable intelligence. Clients report optimized talent outcomes such as accurate identification of high-potentials, accelerated growth, and improved program delivery.


Shape minds

Transforming HR and organizations begins with changing mindsets.  HCG’s education offerings develops accurate and unbiased understanding of talent informed by science.  Our solution is designed for leaders, managers, and HR.  Participants leave with real world, applicable skills and tools to strategically manage their people operations and drive business outcomes. 

Do you need to transform your HR function to drive results through science and analytics?