Digital Leadership :​ ​Lessons from Leading Firms​

In this interactive webinar, our guest is Andrew Wilhelms who until recently was the head of leadership development at Tesla and formerly the VP of talent management at McKesson. Drawing on his time at Tesla, McKesson, and now as Sr. Director of Talent Management at Twilio, Andrew will explain how digitally native organizations do things differently from traditional brick and mortar firms. Many of the practices are surprising and contradict widely held beliefs. Join this webinar to understand what your leadership can do differently to accelerate their digital leadership capabilities.


  1. The unique operating structure of digital organizations and implications on leadership
  2. The new behaviors required of leaders to thrive in the digital age
  3. The reasons why some leaders struggle to transition to the digital era
  4. Strategies to grow leaders who can lead digital transformation


Andrew Wilhelms is the senior director of talent management at Twilio. Prior to this role, he was the Head of Global Leadership Development at Tesla where he designed leadership and management development programs alongside the business stakeholders. Andrew also spent eight years at McKesson with his last role being the VP of International Talent Management and Cultural Integration. Drawing upon the contrasts between these organizations, Andrew will elaborate on the unique operating models of digital firms and attributes required to thrive as digital leaders.

Andrew Wilhelms

Andrew Wilhelms

Senior director of talent management

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