​Our talent management training and certification options are designed for organizations looking to transform HR through the use of evidence-based solutions. This blended learning approach provides the flexibility of learning individually as well as in cohort groups. Select a training and certification package based on role requirements and career development needs. Certification exams are developed by a panel of talent management experts from leading organizations. For group enrollments and discounts send an email to


​Learn to lead HR transformation and deliver business impact using integrated talent management systems through these talent management training packages.

Certified Talent Management Practitioner (CTMP)


20 months    17 lessons    $4000


Becoming a Certified Talent Management Practitioner© will enhance your ability to integrate across all the practices while building a high performing organization.


Certified Talent Management Specialist (CTMS)


6 months    6 lessons    $1400


This package will enhance your ability to integrate across practices which may increase your effectiveness in driving desired outcomes.



​Learn to optimize touch points with employees and address business needs by managing critical aspects of the employee lifecycle.
​Five Months
Five ​Courses
Blended ​Learning
Webinars and free mentor support

Certified in Workforce Staffing (CWS)


5 months    5 lessons    $1200


Hiring employees is an important part of any organization’s operation. In this module you will learn about the lesser known secrets of attracting, selecting and retaining the best fitting candidates.


Certified in Workforce Development (CWD)

5 months    5 lessons    $1200


Most employees when hired have one or more areas that need to be developed to fully meet the demands of their job.

Certified in Workforce Management (CWM)


5 months    5 lessons    $1200


This module deals with managing individual and groups of employees such that their efforts are aligned with the organization’s needs.


Certified in Organizational Effectiveness Practices (COE)


5 months    5 lessons    $1200


While hiring, developing and managing employees are important elements of the employee life cycle, creating an enabling work environment is equally important to build a high performing organization.



Learn to manage and lead a strategic HR practice.
Three Months
Three ​Courses
Free mentor support

Certified in Talent Acquisition Practices (CTA)


3 months    3 lessons    $700


Hiring employees is an important part of any organization’s operation. In this training package, you will learn about the lesser known secrets of attracting, selecting, and retaining the best fitting candidates.


Certified in Leadership Development (CLD)


3 months    3 lessons    $700


Organizations must constantly improve the competence of those in leadership roles to enhance their effectiveness in the current role, and plan the replacement of leadership positions.


Certified in Workforce Analytics (CWA)


3 months    3 lessons    $700


Organizations are increasingly using analytical methods to evaluate programs and gain insight into their workforce, in an effort to improve or sustain the capability and productivity of their human capital.


Certified in Workforce Planning (CWP)


3 months    3 lessons    $700


Changes in market demands, organizational growth, staffing shortages and turnover create a need for workforce planning and succession planning.




Certified in Change Management (CCM)


3 months    3 lessons    $700


Global competition, new markets, and disruptive technologies are just a few elements that create a need for change.

Certified in Employee Engagement (CEE)

3 months    3 lessons    $700


Creating an enabling work environment is important in building a high performing organization.




Gain expertise in a strategic talent management practice to drive business impact

Foundations of Talent Management​​​

Job Analysis & Comp. Modeling
Talent Acquisition
Employee Selection
Training and Development
Leader Development
Career Planning
Program Evaluation and HR Metrics
​Performance Management
Compensation and Total Rewards
​Workforce Analytics &  Planning​​​​​​
Succession Planning

Organizational Culture  and Change Management

Team Effectiveness
Employee Engagement​​​
​Work Design
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