Building Organizational Resilience to Thrive in Turbulence


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5 hours across two weeks
Prework, online workshop, online discussion group, access to recording for 1 month

Program Description:

The entire world has been affected by the recent coronavirus pandemic. The ripple effect is posing a significant threat to economies, organizations, and individuals. Leaders need to respond rapidly to situations they have never encountered before. How does one prepare for such a crisis?  Whether dealing with a pandemic or the smaller uncertainties of organizational life, building resilience can help us respond more effectively to stressors and challenges.  Studies show that practicing resilience can help us continue to perform, grow, and thrive during difficult times rather than feeling drained and dysfunctional.

This two-part workshop is designed to help those responsible for people and talent systems build a resilient organization.  The curriculum, designed by organizational psychologist and resilience expert Dr. Linda Hoopes, will provide a practical guide to building the human side of resilience in organizational settings.  Leveraging Human Capital Growth’s integrated talent management framework, Dr. Hoopes will share evidence-based guidance on when and where organizations can invest to proactively build a culture of resilience.  The first workshop will focus on embedding resilience in the organization’s culture and processes. Participants will learn how to articulate a strong business case and embed resilience-building practices across all aspects of the employee life-cycle.  In the second workshop, participants will learn approaches to assessing and developing resilience across different levels of the organization. Each workshop will be 2 hours long.  You will learn from your  our expert faculty, your peers, and through case examples and discussions. Practical tools and job aids will help you begin applying your new skills immediately. 


    1. Develop a business case for investing time, effort and resources to build resilience
    2. Create an organizational framework to build a culture of resilience
    3. Align HR and talent systems to foster resilience in leaders, teams, and, and employees
    4. Develop resources to grow resilience in leaders, middle managers, individual contributors, and teams
    5. Learn how to address a crisis by applying the core elements of resilience


      1. CHROs/ CLO/ SVP HR
      2. HR Business Partners/Generalists
      3. Talent Management Professionals
      4. Coaches


      Workshop 1. Building human resilience in organizational systems

      • Building the business case for developing resilience
      • Evaluating and aligning culture around resilience
      • Aligning resilience offerings with existing HR programs
      • Preparing to activate resilience in crisis settings
      • Case examples
      • Project: Map your resilience-building strategy

      Workshop 2 – Developing resilient individuals in organizational settings

      • Creating a resilience development plan
      • Developing resilience at senior leadership levels
      • Developing resilience at middle-management levels
      • Developing resilience at the individual-contributor level
      • Leveraging resilience in teams
      • Case examples
      • Project: Create your resilience development plan

      Expert Faculty

      Dr. Linda Hoopes is deeply committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations learn to thrive in turbulence. She brings over 25 years of experience in psychology and organizational change to her work, and is the author of two books: Prosilience: Building Your Resilience for a Turbulent World, which won the 2018 EPIC award for best nonfiction book, and Managing Change with Personal Resilience (with coauthor Mark Kelly).

      Prior to founding Resilience Alliance in 2007, Linda spent seventeen years at ODR/Conner Partners, a consulting and training firm focused on the successful execution of organizational change. She led the development of methodology and assessments, including the Personal Resilience Profile which has been used by more than 100,000 people around the world. She continues to work with clients as a speaker, facilitator, consultant, and coach on resilience, organizational overload, human energy sustainability, and related topics.

      Linda received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee, and an AB in Psychology from Davidson College. She has served on the faculties of several institutions, including Rutgers, Georgia Tech, and Colby College. She is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Georgia and is past president of the Atlanta Society of Applied Psychology and a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In addition to her work and academic history, she brings a number of other influences to her work including music, photography, sailboat racing, and massage therapy.

      Linda Hoopes

      Dr. Linda Hoopes

      Author and Researcher


      Workshop: Building Organizational Resilience to Thrive in Turbulence

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