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 Talent Management Education

Professionals Development for Managers, Leaders, and HR

HR’s shortfall in delivering business results has become a burning issue for corporations worldwide.  CEO and leaders are asking for more science and evidence-backed strategies for managing people.  We have developed a 17-course curriculum designed for HR professionals and leaders to consciously address the various stages of the employee lifecycle.  There is no denying that the global economy is now powered by knowledge workers.  Effectively optimizing the talent and human capital of an organization can separate industry leaders from laggards.  With 150 years of research on human behavior and workplace effectiveness, there is a science and an art to managing talent.  However, managers and HR professionals lack the training to benefit from this knowledge base. Gut-based decisions are simply not working.  Fifty-six percent of CEO’s around the world feel their firm lacks the right talent to achieve the company’s financial targets.  Seventy percent of HR professionals lack formal training in their line of work.  How do we remedy this situation?

We have taken the hidden gems from scientific research and industry best practices to develop an innovative courseware and certification series on integrated talent management. Through simple steps, examples, and case studies participants learn the secrets of high-impact talent management practices.

What differentiates our courses is the scientific backing behind all our content. Our lead faculty also hold appointments at top universities.  We regularly monitor HR practices and peer-reviewed scientific studies to identify solutions with known efficacy levels.  Our participants go on to lead HR innovation projects and organizational transformation efforts. 
Our focus on evidence-based thinking aligns well with the current focus on metrics, predictive analytics, and data-based decision-making.  With our courseware, HR professionals can stand up to the greater demands of today’s business climate and operate with confidence.

      • Better skills grounded in the science and practice  of talent management
      • Practical skills to start making a difference today
      • Helps organizations get more from their investments in HRIS systems and talent management software
      • Users prepared to influence and engage stakeholders
      • Tools and resources allow for reading job application
      • Mentor and peer support

Capabilities Developed

The HCG Integrated Talent Management certification is designed to develop expertise in managing the employee life cycle. Participants lead science-based models and methodologies.  They develop application-ready skills through practice and feedback. HCG creates learning experiences where participants don’t just gain new knowledge but gain a mindset which helps present themselves as experts who practice their trade with the same level of rigor as doctors, engineers, and marketers. Here are the broad set of skills gained by program participants.


      • Learning to recognize business needs and matching to an efficacious talent solution
      • Aligning with strategy and influencing stakeholders to adopt the best solution
      • Developing a comprehensive plan to deploy solutions and ensure execution excellence
      • Developing solutions based on scientifically validated models and global best practices
      • Drive outcomes using the evidence and metrics; promote a culture of continuous improvement

Target Audience

The curriculum is designed for working adults looking to advance their expertise in talent management.  Prior HR experience is not required but recommended.  Candidates must have two to three years of work experience.


      • HR Generalists/ business partners
      • Learning & development
      • OD Practitioners
      • Recruiters
      • Coaches and consultants
      • IT for HR

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