Case Study

Technical Skills Assessments

A major semiconductor manufacturing plant was setting up a new fab unit using cutting-edge technology. A semiconductor technician program was developed to ensure that technicians had the knowledge and skills to operate the clean rooms and the sophisticated equipment. There was a need to ensure skill mastery at the end of each course.


Head of a call center operation “I have two months and I need to find 400 hardware and software contract technicians for a large project?”

Leader Assessment

A major multinational corporation was launching a high potential employee development program but did not have a process and method to identify candidates for the program.

Team Performance

Chief Technology Officer at an academic institution “my organization has had a series of failures in deploying new enterprise-wide IT systems, I need help figuring out what is going wrong”

Competency Modeling

Head of HR of a major multinational “Our leadership competency model is too generic and not focused on what’s critical for our organization to succeed.”

Sales Training

CEO of a technology company “we need to rapidly ramp-up our sales force to close our revenue gap”

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