Don’t let Teamwork Get in the Way of Agility

Effective teamwork has never been more important than it is today, with organizations facing volatile economic conditions and significant business threats. We have come to believe that working in teams with high collaboration helps companies tackle these challenges head-on – that this sparks innovation, enables agility, and achieves better outcomes. However, the reality is that teamwork usually fails to deliver on its promise; and in fact, in many cases, it actually undermines performance. PDRI’s new research recently published in the Harvard Business Review, shows that the most agile and competitively successful companies do something different – they Rightsize Teamwork. They clarify what good teamwork means in each context and judiciously select the right people to contribute, at the right time, so work gets done efficiently. Join us for practical ideas and examples on how to Rightsize Teamwork with your teams and organization. ​


  1. Understand what organizational conditions contribute most to organizational agility, resilience, and high performance.
  2. Learn about the dark sides of teamwork and collaboration and how these can undermine organizational performance.
  3. Learn what Rightsized Teamwork is and how it enables to organizational success.
  4. Learn what leaders need to do to embed Rightsized Teamwork within their teams and organizations.


Elaine D. Pulakos, PhD is CEO of PDRI and an expert in building organizational and team capabilities that translate into business growth. She is well-known for her research and writing on agility and resilience and has extensive global experience helping companies build these capabilities to increase their competitive advantage and performance. Elaine is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, where she also served as a past-President.

About PDRI: For over 40 years, PDRI has sustained a global reputation for excellence by transforming new, evidence-based insights into innovative talent management solutions that enable organizations and the people in them to thrive.

Website: https://pdri.com/

Elaine D

Elaine D. Pulakos, PhD


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