Talent System Audit

Pinpointing hidden opportunities to optimize talent

Talent Systems Audit
As the business needs change, talent strategies must adapt or face the risk of becoming irrelevant.  Talent systems audits assess the fit between organizational goals, HR policies and programs, and the outcomes they are expected to deliver.  Historically, HR functions have adopted company-wide programs to address the business’s human capital requirements.  Unfortunately, such an approach results in a peanut butter strategy that lacks focus and specificity.  The end outcome as well is diluted and disappointing.  Human Capital Growth’s talent systems audit is built using our evidence-based talent management blueprints.  Each blueprint anchors on the metrics and outcomes that a strategic HR process is expected to drive.  We layer on to this blueprint, models, and practices that have known efficacy in driving the desired outcomes.  An audit based on these blueprints helps identify practices in three categories: (a) not essential, (b) ineffectively designed, and (c) efficacious.  HR teams can leverage the audit report to simplify and selectively invest in programs that have the highest chance of delivering results.
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HR and talent systems audit
Talent systems audit to optimize specific outcomes such as

  • Innovation
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Operational Excellence


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