Workshop: Data Science in HR Series 1: Thinking in Numbers


Most organizations lament that lack of data (or the right kind) is keeping them for making informed decisions. In reality, everything we do is data and with a little bit of help we can all develop a data mindset and become insight-led decision makers. It’s a matter of being intentional in the types of information we collect and how we make use of it.  In this hands-on workshop series on ‘Data Science for HR’ our goal is to equip HR professionals with the skills and knowledge to conceptualize their world in terms of data, work with data, and make data work for them in order to understand and solve organizational concerns.  This hands-on data science workshop is designed for both, those with and without a background in statistics. You will come to understand the critical basics of data as is relates to HR through what we call the “language of numbers.”  You will gain practice in conceptualizing HR activities and outcomes in terms of data and drawing actionable insights. By the end of the workshop you will feel equipped to build your own database, compute frequently used statistics, extract deep insights, and tell a data story in visual and narrative format.



Format: Online Interactive Workshop

Fee: $1100

Duration: Two months access to the recordings, discussion board, and mentors​

Effort: 10-12 hours across two weeks
Prework, recorded workshop, online discussion group, tools, exercises, mentors ​


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