Workshop: Building Organizational Resilience to Thrive in Turbulence


The entire world has been affected by the recent coronavirus pandemic. The ripple effect is posing a significant threat to economies, organizations, and individuals. Leaders need to respond rapidly to situations they have never encountered before. How does one prepare for such a crisis?  Whether dealing with a pandemic or the smaller uncertainties of organizational life, building resilience can help us respond more effectively to stressors and challenges.  Studies show that practicing resilience can help us continue to perform, grow, and thrive during difficult times rather than feeling drained and dysfunctional.

This two-part workshop is designed to help those responsible for people and talent systems build a resilient organization.  The curriculum, designed by organizational psychologist and resilience expert Dr. Linda Hoopes, will provide a practical guide to building the human side of resilience in organizational settings.  Leveraging Human Capital Growth’s integrated talent management framework, Dr. Hoopes will share evidence-based guidance on when and where organizations can invest to proactively build a culture of resilience.  The first workshop will focus on embedding resilience in the organization’s culture and processes. Participants will learn how to articulate a strong business case and embed resilience-building practices across all aspects of the employee life-cycle.  In the second workshop, participants will learn approaches to assessing and developing resilience across different levels of the organization. Each workshop will be 2 hours long.  You will learn from your  our expert faculty, your peers, and through case examples and discussions. Practical tools and job aids will help you begin applying your new skills immediately.



Format: Online Interactive Workshop

Fee: $600

Duration: Two months access to the recordings, discussion board, and mentors​

Effort: 10-12 hours across two weeks
Prework, recorded workshop, online discussion group, tools, exercises, mentors ​


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