Pay and Performance Management: Are they two sides of the same dysfunctional coin?

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HCG is pleased to invite you to a complimentary webinar on performance management and it’s link to compensation. Much has been written recently about the problems organizations are facing with their performance management (PM) processes. Many solutions have been proposed over the years. Most had early nominal success followed by head scratches, a return to widespread irritation and more rationalization from HR and Line Management. It is unclear whether or not the latest reforms such as continuous PM, more feedback, crowdsourcing feedback, and separating evaluation from development will meet the same fate. The success of the programs linked to PM are on equally dubious footing. A large percentage of employers say their merit pay and bonus programs aren’t doing what they were designed to do…drive and reward individual performance.

Changes in PM and rewards practices are not creating more motivation and higher performance in organizations. Are dysfunctional rewards practices getting in the way of your PM transformation efforts? Can you manage pay, manage performance and motivate employees effectively all at the same time?


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