2018 HCG Talent Development Benchmark Survey Results

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Lack of key skills is among the top three threats facing organizations today. Yet, world over companies spend over $180 billion to address this issue. Absence of information about what works in skill development is leading to a poor ability to manage risks and returns. One sources of guidance that is underutilized but holds great promises comes from scientific research in psychology, neuroscience, and education. Through experiments and surveys these fields are uncovering practices that have quantified evidence, some contributing up to 30% gains in learning outcomes. Yet very few of these practices get utilized in the world of work. The HCG team of scientists and practitioners have combed through the scientific research and industry trends to develop a detailed questionnaire. Over 40 organizations across multiple industries and geographies completed the survey. In our upcoming webinar we will reveal the findings, contrasting trending practices with efficacious practices. Participants will gain unique perspective to make informed decisions about their learning and development investments. You will gain awareness of practices that drive exponential returns verses those with limited efficacy.


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