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Lessons on Leadership: Journey From Humble Beginnings to CEO of Polaris India

Mr. Pankaj Dubey

This is our exponential talent podcast on humble leadership practices with managing director of Polaris India, Mr. Pankaj Dubey. Pankaj is one of the most kind-hearted, unassuming, and yet high-performing leaders I know. Hope you found his story to be as inspiring and uplifting as I did. If you have been told to be bold and brash but that’s not the type of leader you want to be, Pankaj can be your role model.


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    About Our Episode on Humble Leadership

    1. From humble beginnings to the managing director and CEO of Polaris India. Could you share with us your journey that brought you to where you are today?

    2. What has been instrumental in helping you grow as a leader?

    3. Many organizations invest in leader development? How have you benefited from these programs?

    4. India is a large and vibrant economy. Yet many non-Indian multinationals have struggled to make a profit. What does it take to succeed in the Indian market place?

    5. You lead an operation that is a joint venture between Polaris and Eicher. How is leading a joint venture different than other leadership positions you have held?

    6. You have been outspoken about the role of women in the Indian economy. Why do you believe this is an important issue for other organizations and India?

    7. What advice do you have for the youth around the world, particularly, at a time when so much is changing in the world of work? What should they be preparing for?

    This podcast is on the topic of humble leadership practices. It’s a long-debated issue of whether leaders should be larger than life or humble. Recent research evidence points to the advantages of humble leadership. Such leaders deliver better market outcomes because of their ability to build teams that collaborate internally and remain unified when dealing with their competition. In my experience, HR and search firms favor bold and overconfident leaders. Perhaps because of the historical stereotype associated with leadership. In this podcast, you hear from a different kind of leader.

    Our guest Mr. Pankaj Dubey is the Managing Director and country head of Polaris India. His early life did not make him destined for such a role. In our conversation, he shares his journey that took him from humble beginnings to what many would consider an enviable leadership position. Pankaj shares the guiding principles that have served him well and brought remarkable success. Many of these were music to our ears and seemed plucked from an evidence-based handbook on leadership. He shared stories of setting challenging goals, giving himself deadlines to achieve far-reaching goals, failing and coming back stronger using the learnings, and many more. He also provides guidance on succeeding in the Indian marketplace, the role of women in the workplace, and ends with some elevating advice for the youth of the world. Continue listening and hope this reshapes your opinion of a great leader.

    Meet the Speaker From Our Podcast on Humble Leadership Episode

    Pankaj Dubey

    Mr. Pankaj Dubey

    Managing Director & Country Head
    Polaris India Pvt. Ltd


    Mr. Pankaj Dubey is a Managing Director & Country Head at Polaris India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Polaris Industries Inc. Under his leadership, Polaris India successfully launched the Indian Motorcycle and Polaris Off-road vehicles in the local market. Additionally, Mr. Dubey serves as the CEO & whole time Director at Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd. He has deep insights on the Indian marketplace and requirements for foreign multinationals to be successful in India. Before joining Polaris, Mr. Dubey helped Yamaha Motors expand in India through the launch of several successful brands. In 2016, he was honored with the “Top 50 Indian Icon” award, in recognition of his contributions to society and shaping its future.

    Email ID: Pankaj.Dubey@polaris.com

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