Workforce Analytics and Planning


Workforce planning is a systemic approach used for assessing current workforce utilization. The process requires determining priorities and allocating resources (people, capital, or materials) where they can do the most good. It involves forecasting future staffing needs such that the right talent is available for the right roles at the right time and at the right cost. It involves anticipating the future direction of the business and the economic environment. It also involves predicting the demands on the workforce and preparing to meet those demands. If done well, workforce planning minimizes unplanned activity and waste.

Course description

In this course, participants will gain knowledge of the signs that signal the need for workforce planning and the steps involved in conducting a workforce analysis.  Additionally, the course will present strategies for workforce segmentation, qualitative and quantitative methods for workforce estimation and other special considerations.

Course objectives

In the course,  participants will build the capability to:

  • identify when a workforce analysis will be beneficial
  • identify the data required to perform workforce analytics
  • outline the steps involved in conducting a workforce plan
  • develop a workforce supply-demand gap closure strategy
  • compute staffing ratios and productivity ratios to estimate future workforce size
  • gather metrics to evaluate a workforce plan

    Tools:  This course gives participants access to tools and worksheets, including:

      1. Guidelines for Building a Talent Inventory
      2. Guidelines for Using Qualitative Methods of Workforce Forecasting
      3. Operational Strategy Canvas –  Form
      4. Tools for Estimating Skills and Expertise Required – Form
      5. Strategies for Addressing Workforce Deficits and Surpluses
      6. Workforce Segmentation Categories and Definitions

    Assessment: Each course includes an end of course assessment (quiz) and assignments to gauge learning and opportunity to practice the skills. To promote learning, participants receive feedback on right and wrong answers, as well as, guidance for reviewing the relevant sections of the course.

    Discussion Boards: All participants will have access to the community board on this topic.  The discussion boards can be used to post questions, start a new discussion or seek clarification from a mentor.

    Other Learning Activities: Participants will have access to games, flashcards, glossary, bibliography developed to engage with the content in a fun way and assist with learning.

    An interactive 3.5+ hour online course with case studies, assignments, tools, and activities.

    Access duration for one course is one month. If purchased as part of a certification package, access duration is set by the package plan.

    Participants who complete the interactive lesson and pass the course quiz will earn a certificate of completion.

    Workforce Analytics & Planning​​​​​​

    12. Workforce Planning and Analytics


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