Technical Requirements

The following resources are required to access the learning content on the HCG eLearning Portal

  • A computer with a broadband Internet connection
  • A supported Web browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Browser Settings

It is also recommended to clear browser cache and delete cookies regularly to delete previous sessions on the LMS. To do that, click Tools in the menu bar of your browser. Select the option to delete cookies and temporary files buttons.


  • Some activities such as taking a quiz may require JavaScript to be enabled.
  • The Learning portal has been optimized for the above browsers. You may use other available browsers but if you experience any issues, try using one of our recommended browsers.


To view or access course content, you may need one or more of the following, depending on the type of content posted in the course:

To edit and submit assignments users will require a document editor. You may use Microsoft Office or other free alternatives such as OpenOffice or Google Doc

Mac OSX users can use a text editor to view documents or OpenOffice to view and edit items and to submit assignments

Access the LMS from your mobile device

The HCG learning Portal may be accessed using smartphones and tablets. At this time all features are viewable on Android-based systems. Apple’s OS users are able to use all features except for the interactive lessons which may not work on some devices. We are continually improving our systems and will inform users when this feature becomes available.