Performance Management


Performance management (PM) is the process in which individual efforts and outcomes are evaluated against organizational expectations. The purpose of performance management is to motivate employees and align individual performance with the organization’s business objectives. If done well, the performance management process can effectively align employees’ efforts to achieve organizational goals.

Course description

In this course, participants will learn about the dimensions of performance and how they relate to effectiveness.  The participant will learn about the key decisions and practices that lead to accuracy and fairness in the appraisal process.  They will understand the interdependencies between PM and talent management systems, and use this knowledge to design a high impact PM system.  Participants will also learn about key considerations such as assessing team performance and evaluating the effectiveness of a PA system.

Course objectives

In this course, participants will build the capability to:

  • Support the development of a new performance appraisal (PA) system by  
    • developing questionnaires/interview guides to gather stakeholder’s input
    • proposing the appropriate list of performance dimensions for a holistic evaluation
    • proposing rating scale options to rate performance
    • proposing mechanisms to promote fairness in the system
    • outlining the process of administering organization wide performance appraisals
  • Support the maintenance of an existing performance appraisal system by
    • providing proactive administrative support during the deployment of the PA process
    • designing the evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of the PA system
    • gathering data to evaluate the effectiveness of the PA system

    Tools: This course gives participants access to tools and worksheets, including:

      1. A Manager’s Guide to Giving Effective Performance Feedback
      2. A Manager’s Guide to Informal Employee Development Activities
      3. Performance Appraisal Methods for Different Types of Teams – A Guide
      4. Performance Appraisal Tools – Rating Scale Comparison

    Assessment: Each course includes an end of course assessment (quiz) and assignments to gauge learning and opportunity to practice the skills. To promote learning, participants receive feedback on right and wrong answers, as well as, guidance for reviewing the relevant sections of the course.

    Discussion Boards: All participants will have access to the community board on this topic.  The discussion boards can be used to post questions, start a new discussion or seek clarification from a mentor.

    Other Learning Activities: Participants will have access to games, flashcards, glossary, bibliography developed to engage with the content in a fun way and assist with learning.

    An interactive 3+ hour online course with case studies, assignments, tools, and activities.

    ​Access duration for one course is one month.  If purchased as part of a certification package, access duration is set by the package plan.

    Participants who complete the interactive lesson and pass the course quiz will earn a certificate of completion.

    ​Performance Management

    10. Performance Management


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