Organizational Culture and Change Management


Global competition, new markets, and disruptive technologies are just a few elements that create a need for change. The rate of economic downturns has increased, placing greater risks of survival for weak businesses. Failing to continually adapt can be detrimental to the long-term sustainability of an organization. Change management refers to the practices that help adapt to internal and external forces which threaten organizational growth and sustainability. In addition to changing organizational structures, systems, and processes, change management involves aligning the climate and culture. If successful, change management can result in building an organization with a long history and remaining relevant in the market place.

Course description

In this course, participants will learn about practices that minimize resistance and sustain change.  It includes learning the material on the steps involved in change management, and requirements to prepare leaders to lead change.  The participant will also learn how to measure climate and culture, and how to change organizational culture.  The course will present a validated change management model and evidence on what works in change management.   Finally, participants will learn to evaluate the impact of change and create an action plan for continued improvement.

Course objectives

In the course, participants will build the capability to:

  • recognize the signs when change management is required
  • assess climate and culture related barriers to change
  • lead a conversation on the options to culture change
  • support the process to define the changing purpose
  • support the identification of risks associated with the change process
  • lead /support the change process to prepare for the change
  • identify the sources of resistance to change and prepare to address the resistance
  • prepare leaders to lead change
  • play the role of a change agent
  • support the change team in anticipating the trajectory of change and prepare to overcome obstacles and dips in performance
  • create a plan to communicate the change
  • lead efforts to evaluate the impact of change and create an action plan for continued improvement

    Tools:  This course gives participants access to tools and worksheets, including:

      1. Instrument to Assess Organizational Climate
      2. Guide to Assigning Roles and Responsibilities to the Change Team
      3. Current State and Future State Analysis – Interview Questions
      4. Gap Analysis Template
      5. List of HR Competencies to Support Change
      6. Sample Change Communication Plan
      7. Steps in Implementing Total Organizational Change
      8. Taxonomy of Organizational Risks
      9. Tools for Spotting Change Implications

    Assessment:  Each course includes an end of course assessment (quiz) and assignments to gauge learning and opportunity to practice the skills. To promote learning, participants receive feedback on right and wrong answers, as well as, guidance for reviewing the relevant sections in the course.

    Discussion Boards: All participants will have access to the community board on this topic.  The discussion boards can be used to post questions, start a new discussion or seek clarification from a mentor.

    Other Learning Activities:  Participants will have access to games, flashcards, glossary, bibliography developed to engage with the content in a fun way and assist with learning.

    An interactive 4.5+ hour online course with case studies, assignment, tools, and activities.

    ​Access duration for one course is one month.  If purchased as part of a certification package, access duration is set by the package plan.

    Participants who complete the interactive lesson and pass the course quiz will earn a certificate of completion.

    Organizational Culture and Change Management

    14. Organizational Culture and Change Management


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