Onboarding is the process of assimilating new hires into the organization and their work teams. It involves a series of activities that occur over an extended period of time that includes learning about the core purpose of the organization and building enabling relationships. An effective onboarding process minimizes the ‘time to productivity’ and attrition.

Course description

In this course, participants will learn the evidence on effective onboarding practices and design considerations when building an onboarding program.  They will gain understanding about the importance of employee socialization, the difference between orientation and onboarding, as well as key issues in senior leader onboarding.  Addition-ally, the course will present a case study on how a well-known organization onboards its employees. Finally, participants will learn how to evaluate the efficacy of an onboarding program.

Course objectives

In this course, participants will build the capability to:

  • explain the benefits of an onboarding program
  • distinguish between an orientation and an onboarding program
  • design an impactful onboarding program for new comers
  • design an onboarding program for senior leaders
  • determine when to use a structured versus an individualized onboarding program
  • evaluate an onboarding program

    Tools:  This course gives participants access to tools and worksheets, including:

      1. Senior Leader Onboarding Checklist
      2. Questions an Onboarding Program Should Answer
      3. New Hire Orientation and Onboarding Checklist
      4. General Onboarding Plan – Sample

    Assessment: Each course includes an end of course assessment (quiz) and assignments to gauge learning and opportunity to practice the skills. To promote learning, participants receive feedback on right and wrong answers, as well as, guidance for reviewing the relevant sections of the course.

    Discussion Boards: All participants will have access to the community board on this topic.  The discussion boards can be used to post questions, start a new discussion or seek clarification from a mentor.

    Other Learning Activities: Participants will have access to games, flashcards, glossary, bibliography developed to engage with the content in a fun way and assist with learning.

    An interactive 2+ hour online course with case studies, assignment, tools, and activities.
    Access duration for one course is one month. If purchased as part of a certification package, access duration is set by the package plan.
    Participants who complete the interactive lesson and pass the course quiz will earn a certificate of completion.


    5. Onboarding


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