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Creating an enabling work environment is important in building a high performing organization. The topics presented in this training package address employee engagement and work design interventions, which are meant to enable employees’ higher levels of job performance and motivation.

How is Employee Engagement useful?

    1. Develop an accurate understanding of employee engagement and its drivers.
    2. Take results-based actions to promote employee engagement.
    3. Enhance the motivational power of work through work redesign efforts.
    4. Create flexible work arrangements by linking employee preferences with workforce planning needs.

​The CCM© Exam & Learning Package includes 2 courses, covering topics in integrated talent management, and organizational culture and change management.

This courseware is designed, keeping in mind with the needs of talent management professionals to learn the material and maximize it in their work projects. Users have access to the HCG Learning Management Platform where they can access the courses listed below.  Lessons include case studies, step-by-step guides, evidence-based models, webinars, projects, quizzes, and mentor support.  Additionally, users have access to job aids and worksheets, which they can readily utilize in their work projects.  Read about our success methodology ►​

​Access duration for this learning package is 3 months.

    Foundations of Integrated Talent Management

Talent management (TM) is a systematic approach that more effectively aligns the resources of employees and potential employees with the needs of the business. When effective it helps address employee needs and enhances the work environment by promoting employee effectiveness.


In this course, participants gain understanding of how talent management systems can create better organizations, better talent and better career. They gain knowledge of what talent management is, how organizations benefit from talent management, characteristics of a high impact integrated talent management system and industry practices in talent management. The course highlights the benefits and costly consequences of not focusing on TM practices.

In this course, participants build capability to:

  • conduct a TM system effectiveness audit
  • identify opportunities for integrating TM practices to meet a business need
  • assist in the recruitment of evidence based TM professionals
  • identify gaps in TM practices compared to industry benchmarks


This course gives participants access to various tools and worksheets, including:

  1. TM System Effectiveness Audit
  2. Industry Specific TM Practices

   Employee Engagement

Experts define engagement as a positive attitude held by employees towards their work and their organization. It creates a feeling of enjoyment and motivation leading to increased productivity.



In this course, participants will learn about the scientific basis of employee engagement and the outcomes it drives. Through steps, tools, examples and case studies, participants will learn to recognize the signs that point to the need to address employee engagement. They will also become equipped to identify the actions required to create an engaged workforce.​

In this course, participants build the capability to:

  • guide the organization in building an accurate
  • understanding of employee engagement
  • support market campaigns and communication efforts to
  • build awareness about employee engagement
    support efforts to design studies to measure employee engagement
  • support the data collection, data analysis and interpretation of employee engagement studies
  • identify interventions to close gaps in employee engagement
  • evaluate employee engagement programs


This course gives participants access to various tools and worksheets, including:

  1. Employee Engagement Assessments
  2. Guide to Defining Employee Engagement in the Context of the Organization
  3. Tool to Draw Conclusions from the data and Build a Case for Employee Engagement
  4. Sample Data Interpretation and Action Planning Guide
  5. Employee Experiences Survey
  6. Employee Experiences
  7. Survey Scoring Sheet
  8. Employee Engagement Interview Guide

    Work Design

Work design or job design is the process of structuring jobs to satisfy the motivational needs of employees while optimizing work outcomes.


In this course, participants will learn about models of work design, when work design is an option and how organizations can benefit from work design. Additionally, they will learn about different types of work design and the steps in designing and redesigning work. Participants will also learn the strategies to effectively implement new job design by incorporating changes in the performance management system and designing effective reward systems. The course includes special topics on teamwork and improving quality of work-life, and case studies​

In this course, participants build the capability to:

  • Guide conversations on the motivating potential of work design interventions
  • Help managers select between work design options
  • Design flexible work options
  • Help managers and incumbents focus on the work dimensions that promote work motivation
  • Perform the steps in designing work
  • Conduct an evaluation of the work design process and outcomes
  • Conduct work design options for individuals and teams


This course gives participants access to various tools and worksheets, including:

  1. Job Enlargement Template
  2. Job Enrichment Template
  3. Job Rotation Tool
  4. Job Rearrangement Tool
  5. Job-related Challenges Tool
  6. Questions to Consider when Redesigning or Creating New Jobs
  7. Identify the best Job Design Option – Guide
  8. Dreyfus Model of Skill Level
  9. Job Leveling Matrix
  10. Work Design-Needs Analysis Guide
  11. Work Design Options Guide

This learning and certification package includes the training segments and a certification exam.

Certification Requirements

    1. ​Complete the learning segments listed in the training tab, including the accompanying mandatory webinars, and quizzes.
    2. ​Complete projects achieving a minimum score of 70%
    3. Comprehensive Exam
    4. Take a comprehensive exam covering the five topics and achieve a minimum score of 70%.
      – Computer-Based Testing (CBT)
      – Multiple-choice questions selected based on expert panel evaluations

Exam dates ►

All certifications are valid for 3 years. To maintain the certification credentials, you must stay current in this area of expertise, build upon your knowledge, and grow as a professional in your field. Recertification requires retaking the exam.

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How is Employee Engagement useful?

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Shreya Sarkar-Barney. Ph.D.