Hosted by Dr. Shreya Sarkar-Barney

21st Century Skills for HR Professionals

Dr. Victoria Davis

Drawing upon her talent management experience at Marriott, Home Depot, and J.P. Morgan Chase, Dr. Victoria Davis lays out the new skills that are essential for HR to rise to the challenge. In particular, she compares the various HR and talent management certifications available in the marketplace and the unique value proposition of each. Expect to gain clarity on the future of work as it relates to strategic HR and human capital management.


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    About Our Episode On Skills for HR Professionals

    1. Grief and loss seem like something that is very personal.  Why is it an important topic for organizations to address? (8:05)
    2. Would you please define grief, and what are the core elements of grief? (10:56)
    3. What do most people get wrong about grief and loss? (16:09)
    4. In the modern workplace, there is an expectation that personal matters and work should be kept separate. How does one spot grief?
    5. Many of us who have experienced loss tend to let time be the healer.  Are there better ways of dealing with grief? Particularly, is there a way to reduce the grief cycle (21:35)
    6. What can organizations to help their employees grieve, beyond the leave arrangements and benefits related offerings? (35:23)
    7. The research that your colleagues and you have done shows that grief does not have to be all about loss. There is a way to into a creative inspiration. Tells more about this phenomenon. (40:28)
    8. If I am the person grieving, what specifically can I do to turn it into a positive creative energy? (45:44)

    In this podcast, Dr. Victoria Davis discusses the 21st-century skills needed for HR to drive business results and deliver positive employee experiences. Drawing upon her vast talent management experiences at leading firms, she lays out the new skills that are essential for HR to rise to the challenge. She discusses the options available for talent management professionals for advancing their skills.  Her insights across the three most popular certification should serve as a helpful guidance. If you goal is to grow business focused HR expertise with hands-on experience, we welcome you to give our learning and certifications a try. Expect to gain clarity on the future of work as it relates to strategic HR and human capital management.

    Meet the Speaker From Our Podcast on Skills for HR Professionals

    Dr. Victoria A. Davis

    Dr. Victoria A. Davis

    Global Talent Management and Organizational Development Consultant


    Dr. Victoria A. Davis is a Global Talent Management and Organizational Development Consultant with over 12 years’ experience across private, public, non-profit, university, and government entities. Victoria led the design of leadership and functional competency models for JPMorgan & Chase’s corporate finance team culminating in an online portal with linkages to trainings, career paths, professional development resources, and recruitment. Prior to joining JPMorgan, Victoria managed Marriott International’s global selection team, where she guided strategies that impacted 2M+ executive, management, and hourly candidates annually in 27 languages. Victoria’s work with The Home Depot streamlined and improved their management and hourly selection through: the design and validation of more economical tools, robust assessment center administration, and the coaching and development of future leaders. She is the co-author of the book chapter “Bridging the digital divide across a global business: Development of a technology-enabled selection system for low-literacy applicants.” Victoria received her Ph.D. and M.A. in industrial and organizational psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego, California and Baruch College – The City University of New York, respectively.


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