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Advances in Leadership Development

Dr. David Day

In this podcast we speak with acclaimed leadership researcher and expert, Dr. David Day. If your organization is looking for more effective ways of developing leaders, here are some innovative ideas based on the most recent evidence. Dr. Day weighs in on recent fads that claim to draw from the neuroscience of leadership. In addition, he points to more promising areas that help prepare leaders to operate under increasing uncertainty. Listen in on ths Leadership Development Podcast to gain more insight.


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    About Our Episode on Leadership Development

    1. Economist group ran a survey with CEOs from around the world and they found that 43% of them believe that there is insufficient leadership talent to execute their strategies.  What’s the real issue here?  Are we missing on our ability to grow good leaders or do we simply not understand leadership effectiveness?
    2. Can everybody be a leader? Can everyone overcome the plateau, should they get access to feedback or are there individual differences [in one’s ability to develop]?
    3. Where should organizations be placing their efforts? Is it to grow just a few high potentials or grow leaders across the board?
    4. “Throw your leaders into the deep end and see who can swim.” Is that a good strategy?
    5. What kind of feedback is most beneficial?  Is it specific to the task at hand?  Or is it about the strategy and who they are as individuals? What is the research saying?
    6. Is leadership emergence about who has the potential to become a leader?
    7. Guidance particularly for women who tend to hit the glass ceiling much earlier in their careers. What can they do to be seen as leaders?
    8. Are any organizations doing a good job in addressing adaptive challenges?

    Throwing leaders into the deep end and hoping they learn to swim is not the best leadership development approach. As Dr. Day mentions if you are going to put your new leaders into challenging situations, always support them with a life vest. Studies show that there are two things that are essential for a new leader. First, it is to learn from mistakes. Secondly, it is to gain confidence through early wins. When a new leader is set to lose on a difficult project, the chances of failure are high and there is no guarantee that they will learn from this challenging experience. Therefore, experts recommend supporting new leaders with a coach and mentor. Such a support structure will help them proactively strategize before they get started and actively reflect on their experience to maximize their learning.

    Meet the Speaker From Our Podcast on Leadership Development

    Dr. David Day

    Dr. David Day

    Winthrop Professor and Woodside Chair in Leadership and Management
    University of Western Australia Business School


    Dr. David V. Day is Winthrop Professor and Woodside Chair in Leadership and Management at The University of Western Australia Business School. Dr. Day’s core research are in the areas of leadership and leadership development. He is the lead author on An Integrative Approach to Leader Development (Routledge, 2009) and the editor of The Oxford Handbook of Leadership and Organizations (Oxford University Press, 2014). Additionally, Dr. David Day serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Psychology and as a Consulting Editor for several other scholarly journals. Notably, he is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He works with various organizations around the world on projects related to leadership and leadership development. Dr. Day was awarded the 2010 Walter F. Ulmer Research Award from the Center for Creative Leadership (USA) for outstanding, career-long contributions to applied leadership research.

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