Certified user stories

Teena George

1. What has been the most significant part of your learning experience with HCG (e.g. learning content, approach, practice, feedback, mentoring, flexibility)?

I liked the structured approach that the program had. The learning content was comprehensive, there were assessments and assignments to check for understanding and provide an opportunity to apply the learning, the mentor connects were of great help. Overall, the program design is extremely well thought through.

2. How has your approach changed after this learning experience?

While I was Instructional Design certified before this program, what I do differently now, is looking for data/evidence to back something up before including it in a curriculum/program I design.

3. How have you changed as a result of the learning and certification experience?

I look for evidence-based practices before jumping on the bandwagon. Also, my knowledge of talent management practices like career planning, talent development, talent management has been strengthened. ​


4. What was the best part of the learning and certification experience? ​

The flexibility, the program content and design, the support we received from the mentors.

5.What was the hardest part of this journey? What kept you going? ​

The assignment because of lack of time.

The certificate. 😉

6. How has your employer benefited by hiring a certified professional like you?

Since I am now more aware of the entire employee life cycle and how one aspect affects another + fits into another – I am able to take a more holistic approach.

7. What would you recommend to others who are currently in their certification journey or considering it?

It’s definitely a program worth taking up. I have benefitted immensely from it.  Keep at  it – complete the courses, finish the assignments, attend the ‘After office hours’ and mentor connects + make time to attend the complementary sessions that HCG schedules – each of these will help you become a well-rounded HR / L&D professional.

8. ​What are some contributions you have made as a direct result of what you learned in the certification process?

I was working on a supervisor development program, I included elements I learned during the program in it.