Certified user stories

Jasmyn Steele
1. What has been the most significant part of your learning experience with HCG (e.g. learning content, approach, practice, feedback, mentoring, flexibility)?

The practice/games were the most significant part of my learning experience. The games provided a new perspective on each topic, especially in how the questions were framed.

2. How has your approach changed after this learning experience?​

My approach has stayed the same, straightforward and concise. Internally, I have more confidence in myself after this learning experience. This learning experience has confirmed all the solutions I researched, presented and implemented in previous experiences.

3. How have you changed as a result of the learning and certification experience?​

 Yes, I have changed. I am more confident in my talent management efforts and in my decisions. I have the support of evidence-based material behind me.

4. What was the best part of the learning and certification experience?

The support staff and the learning platform was the best parts of the learning and certification experience. Everyone was very responsive, and the platform was easy to navigate.

​5. What was the hardest part of this journey? What kept you going?

The hardest part of this journey was managing the certification deadlines with my work deadlines and transitioning from a work task orientation mindset to a learner’s mindset. I felt I had two jobs and any times my corporate work hours ate into my certificate work. What kept me going was my reason to continue to invest in myself.

6. How has your employer benefited by hiring a certified professional like you?​

My employer has benefited greatly because not only do I have the work experience in talent management I also have recent education to support my arguments.

7. You landed a new position while getting certified.  Tell us about our previous role and current role. Also, how the certification help?

My previous title was talent acquisition specialist and that was for a manufacturing company. Did a lot of different things regarding talent. Full cycle recruitment for corporate for the corporate office and managed all of the temporary employees.

My current title is human resources generalist and we’re building out our HR Department and starting with the talent management systems and building out our HR systems for doing all the research and cost analysis right now.

8. What would you recommend to others who are currently in their certification journey or considering it? 

    I’ve suggested ways that we can streamline the processes that we have set in place (both in my internship and a full-time job). The course has also allowed me to effectively communicate with both internal and external stakeholders. I was also fortunate that both of the organizations I had the pleasure of working with already recognized the value of using data to drive decisions. So by joining them with a data-driven mindset, I was able to use data to support my suggestions about how we could improve things.​

    ​9. What are some contributions you have made as a direct result of what you learned in the certification process?

    ​I do not know if this count, but I was able to land a new role with a new organization in a different industry while I was completing this program. I was seen as confident in my past work and invested in my education to continue to learn current and best practices.