Certified user stories

Bethlehem Dawit Azene

1. What was unique about the HCG learning and certification? Please comment on the learning content, approach, practice, feedback, mentoring, flexibility

Content is evidence-based, incorporates latest research in the field of HR, organizational psychology, and business.

I have completed the CIPD certification which was way more expensive. The HCG content is far superior because of its evidence-based focus. It is also very practical. With the tools and guides made available one can easily apply the new skills.​

2. What has been the most significant part of your learning experience with HCG?​

The support nature of the HCG staff in answering question related to the content or providing timely tech support.

The learning platform is user friendly.

Flexibility in learning at my own time and being able to reach out to a mentor.
The online seminars where some of the complex content was explained in detail

3. How have you and your approach to talent acquisition changed after this learning experience?

Even though I have more than nine years of experience in general HR and in practitioner Talent Acquisition, I learned a lot from this certification.

Now I can use techniques likes realistic job previews and employer branding to measurably improve outcomes like retention

4. How have you benefited from completing the HCG certification? What are some contributions you have made as a direct result of what you learned in the certification process?​

It gave me more confidence in my profession and it enhanced my knowledge in Talent Management approaches.

It has increased my prospects of getting interviews with better organizations as well.

​5. What was the hardest part of this journey? What kept you going?

With a flexible schedule comes the need to self-motivate. There are resources available on the LMS (in the form of both reading materials and mentors). However, the learner has to actively engage with them in order to render them useful. What kept me going was the benefits I knew I was gaining through the experience in both short and long term

6. What would you recommend to others who are currently in their certification journey or considering it

One way to lift an entire economy is to raise the quality of human capital. Those earning HCG certifications are equipped to do develop talent in a way that is fair and produces results.

It will ultimately allow for more people with the potential to have a chance to better themselves

7. Given your connection to Africa, could you comment on how HR professionals in Africa can benefit from this certification.

Even though I had several years of work experience in the field of talent acquisition, there are several new things I learned to take my performance to the next level.

I see great value in countries in Africa developing these skills. For the reason being by learning an evidence based practices we will have an international insight that we can apply it in our country.

Moreover, knowing that the content was research-based, it has given me greater confidence that I can make a difference with my new skills.

If you want to exceed in your career to the next level, I recommend you HCG!

Then don’t hesitate, go for it