HCG Team Effectiveness Assessment​

The assessment is based on meta-analytic findings of team effectiveness across a variety of job types, including production teams, airline teams, and paramedic teams. The online survey can be conducted with an intact team or with multiple collaborative teams to improve team effectiveness. Parts of the assessment can be customized to gain a deeper insight into specific areas. When conducted across teams, the comparison of ratings highlights differences and similarities in perceptions among team members or between teams.


  • Provides insights into team dimensions most critical to helping the teams accomplish their goal
  • Provides actionable insights to improve team effectiveness
  • Allows the team to acknowledge areas that are working well
  • Focuses the conversation on areas that require improvement
  • Assessments can be combined with a facilitated session to draw actionable plans from the insights

​Leadership Effectiveness Profile

​Team Effectiveness

Global Orientation

Full Range Leadership

Engendering Trust