HCG Leadership Effectiveness Profile

The leadership effectiveness profile assesses attributes that are hard-wired and those that can be developed for success in a leadership role. It is an ideal tool for making hiring decisions and for gaining insight into the development needs of a leader. The assessments are based on validated models that are backed by research evidence and global applicability.

We also do assessment centers as part of a leader recruitment effort, high potential identification and development effort, or a management audit.

Benefits and uses

  • Prediction of important leadership outcomes that are difficult to assess in an interview
  • Insight into leadership enablers such as the ability to vision, build high performing teams and execute
  • Insight into job-fit such as comfort in leading a growth business versus a turnaround situation
  • Ability to compare job candidates in a fair and objective manner
  • Use for making hiring decisions in mid to senior level leadership roles
  • Use as part of a high potential development program
  • Use as part of a coaching program for transitioning leaders or development in-role

​Leadership Effectiveness Profile

​Team Effectiveness

Global Orientation

Full Range Leadership

Engendering Trust