HCG Global Orientation Assessment​

Managing remote teams in culturally diverse locations and relocating to take on expat roles have become a reality in today’s global economy.   Studies show that the rate of failure among expats is significantly high.  The leaders who are successful tend to be better able to adjust on multiple domains. These individuals who fit the role of a global leader can find a middle ground that leverages the best from multiple cultures.  The global orientation inventory measures an individual’s propensity to succeed in such types of global work.

  • Evaluate candidates for global roles, global leadership roles and expat assignments
  • Help leaders gain insight on aspects of their global assignment that is likely to be the most challenging
  • Isolate development needs to prepare for a global role
  • Evaluate progress based on learning and development efforts

​Leadership Effectiveness Profile

​Team Effectiveness

Global Orientation

Full Range Leadership

Engendering Trust