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What's the difference between (1) a learning & exam option and (2) an individual course?

Learning and certification packages contain multiple elearning courses and a certification exam packaged together. Individual courses are single courses without the certification exam. The benefits of taking the certification and exam packages are:
– longer access duration to the blended curriculum
– longer time to practice and develop expertise in integrated talent management
– chance to earn credentials through the certification exam

How to select the right course or learning & exam option?
Select form the menu of options based on your aspirations, scope of work, and time availability.
What does one lesson consist of?

Each lesson is designed to build expertise in three areas: models, methodology, and metrics. To that end, participants develop an awareness of scientifically validated models, steps to design and implement programs specific to the practice, and evaluate program outcomes using metrics.

Are the courses live or recorded?

We use a blended model. There are multiple components to each course: interactive elearning lessons, quizzes, graded assignments, games, and discussion boards. Additionally, we host live events for practical learning through case studies and practice clinics.

How long will I have to access the courseware?

Access duration varies based on the number of courses you enroll in. Access duration for each individual course purchased separately is one month. When courses are purchased as part of a package, the access duration is set for the entire package. Course duration varies from 3 to 20 months based on the package.

Will I have to wait until the end of enrollment to take the certification exam?

We offer certification exams four times a year. You may take the exam right after you complete the lessons in your package. You don’t have to wait until the end of your enrollment to take the exam. Learners in our most comprehensive package (CTMP) take modular exam as soon as they complete learning in each module.
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What is the course outcome?
After completing the courseware, participants should be able to guide their organization on the right solution choice to a talent management need.  They should also be able to design, implement, and evaluate program efficacy, in collaboration with their stakeholders.
What tools will i get after completing a course?
Each lesson has ten or more tools including step by step guides, audit tools, survey instruments, and other job aids.  Examples are listed on each
Who is the target audience?
At this time we are focused on HR professionals including HR business partners, generalists, learning and development professionals and talent management professionals.
Are the courses tailored to seniority level?
The certification is designed for early to mid-career HR professionals.  We also have workshop-based offerings for senior HR leaders.
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